About Company

Visions Transport was established in 2008 as a transport company in Shah Alam. At that time, we were well represented in Klang valley areas. Company started as a small scale with sole proprietor called Visions Transport Enterprise in 2008. After the company grown up it has been upgraded to Visions Transport Enterprise Sdn Bhd in 2014 to meet market requirements. As time goes by, our company has grown and expanded its operation to North, South and East Coast. Since then, we have developed an outstanding reputation in the inland transportation. Today, we have geared our services to all over Malaysia and Singapore. Now, with prudent management as well as professional, experienced and dedicated employees, we are proud to announce that we are able to arrange movement of cargoes anywhere, anytime around Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Visions offers total logistics, transportation and warehousing services on supply chain management to serve upstream and downstream logistics requirement of the nation. We are also preparing to meet future challenges by strengthening existing customers and assuming new customers relations.


To be preferred transportation and logistics service provider in Malaysia. Maintaining service excellence, Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty and Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively transport cargo.


We are total provider; Hence its our mission to be always proactive to serve by offering a diverse range of service



Visions consists of dynamic work forces that are dependable, responsive, efficient, and courteous to it all making is affordable and an easy experience for our clients. Visions is positioned with a positive operations management, financial capabilities and integration skills as a sum to a strong and dependable management in order for our clients their operational objectives

Our Business policy is structured to provide a planned and systematic approach to quality and continued improvement with emphasis on effective customer satisfaction, value added product development, growth and increasing value stakeholders.

Our business strategy requires the setting up of objectives, measure and key performance indicators, documented and reviews per schedule as to their compliance and effectiveness. Ongoing implementation and maintenance of business manual will ensure that quality management and business excellence permeates throughout the organization.

We are committed to investment in development, advancement and value of both the Company and our employees through training in order to improve knowledge, skills, competency, and enhance process and career.


  • To ensure customer satisfaction collaborating and partnering our clients in achieving your goals and objective
  • To continually upgrade our range of service in accordance to our customer's service
  • To be flexible in meeting our customer's changing needs and transport schedules
  • To keep pace with advancements on our customer logistics requirements', updating our transport equipment's and facilities
  • To strive for operational excellence for superior services to our clientele

    Managing Director, Mr Gopalan Visionathan
    Gopalan, armed with the experience gained by working for various transportation company over the 10 years and year 2008, he exposed to transportation / logistics business to Visions Transport. He is the driving force in the formation and implementation of the Visions Transport corporate strategy. In addition to planning the business strategy and taking care of the financial aspect, he also oversees the operation. He also maintains a close relationship with customers by entertaining and securing corporate clients.

    Operation & Transport Director, Mr Saravanan Visionathan
    Saravanan has more than 8 years of experiences in the transport division and experience gained by working for various MNC transportation company over the 8 years. He takes charge of the transport management and operation management working with the Managing Director.

    Operation & Business Development Manager, Mr Pugal
    Pugal has more than 10 years of experience in the supply chain & logistics industry. He has extensive knowledge and experiences on supply chain planning, management and execution. He is also able to redesign of operational processes for quality and efficiency gain, test and measuring the impact of the changes. Over the years, Pugal has also acquired extensive knowledge on various warehouse management systems, able to perform system configuration and business rules set up, articulate inventory management strategy for warehouse optimization. He is a graduate in degree in Supply Chain Logistics Management from Cambridge International University.