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VISIONS TRANSPORT ENTERPRISE SDN BHD was established in 2008 as a transport company in Shah Alam. At that time, we were well represented in Klang valley areas. As time goes by, our company has grown and expanded its operation to North, South and East Coast. Since then, we have developed an outstanding reputation in the inland transportation. Today, we have geared our services to all over Malaysia and Singapore. Now, with prudent management as well as professional, experienced and dedicated employees, we are proud to announce that we are able to arrange movement of cargoes anywhere, anytime around Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore.

  • Company Name - Visions Transport Enterprise Sdn Bhd

  • Company Reg No. - SSM R/N: 1129982-H

  • Date of Incorporation - March 2014

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Our supply chain management serves upstream and downstream logistics requirements of the nation. We are also preparing to meet future challenges by strengthening existing customers and assuming new customers relations.

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